Lisa Weir Co-Founder of Ally

Lisa Weir is the Co-Founder of Ally. Ally is a forward-thinking company with a focus on responsible consumption. Our inaugural product is a stylish lockable storage container that is multi-purpose, food-grade, and allows you to securely keep goods away from unintended users. It was created as a solution for parents who need a safe storage space for their indulgences, which are often disguised as innocent treats. As moms, we wanted people to have a way to consume responsibly in their own homes, without sacrificing convenience or aesthetic.

Check out our interview below, where Lisa Weir talks about how she started her business, her entrepreneurial journey in an industry dominated by men and shares some really helpful advice on how to jump into the cannabis industry.

Erica Daniels of Hope Grows for Autism

Our goal is to facilitate legislation that would make autism a qualifying condition in all current legal medical cannabis states.  But it shouldn’t stop there.  The legislation should include ACCESS to appropriate medical cannabis for all autism patients.  My job will be done when HOPE™ truly sees no boundaries… no state boundaries, no educational boundaries, no stigma boundaries, no access boundaries. 

Antoinette Wade Chase, Founder of Gratitude Blossom

Weed Queen: Antoinette Wade Chase, Founder of Gratitude Blossom

A true trailblazer, Antoinette learned leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills unique to the armed forces and brings them to bear in Gratitude Blossom to serve veterans, disabled and terminally ill patients and clients. Antoinette is a game changer in the cannabis industry. Her unique ability to build and maintain incredible working relationships sets her apart from the rest.

Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa

What I want for the cannabis industry is the same for many other industries – to see more people of color and more women at the helm. Like attracts like, like supports like, like funds like. As long as those with the money and power look a certain way and think a certain, close-minded way, things in business – and in our society – can’t change.

-Aliza Sherman CEO of Ellementa