Khadijah Adams, CEO & Founder of Girl Get That Money

Weed Queen: Khadijah Adams, CEO & Founder of Girl Get That Money

Girl Get That Money is a business empowerment coaching and consultancy movement created to empower women in business by providing them with the resources and tools needed to help them become successful.

Check out our interview below, where Khadijah talks about how she started her business, her entrepreneurial journey in an industry dominated by men and shares some really helpful advice on how to jump into the cannabis industry.

How would you describe yourself and what you do?

I am a business empowerment coach, business consultant, entrepreneur and accredited investor.

What is your company about? What do you guys do?

Khadijah Adams, LLC dba “Girl Get That Money” is a business empowerment coaching and consultancy movement created to empower women in business by providing them with the resources and tools needed to help them become successful. We offer a variety of customized empowerment coaching packages, and business tools based on the needs of our clients. 

What makes Girl Get That Money unique?

We work with our clients on a sliding scale because we realize that no two women are alike so we meet them where they are in their process.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of what I do is when my clients realize they had everything they needed inside of them. Seeing their facial expression of excitement and satisfaction when they see and read their new business plan, their website or other assets we’ve created for them.

Least favorite?

My least favorite is when clients expect me to run their businesses for them. In other words, when they are not willing to put in the work that is necessary to not only start a business but successfully run a business.

What inspired you to start your company and how did you get started?

Being able to help women pursue their dreams inspired me to start Girl Get That Money. I started first by creating a plan then taking action to bring that plan to fruition.

What is your vision and mission for Girl Get That Money?

Our mission is to help women design and execute a plan of action that helps them gain clarity, set new goals, get focused on their vision, and define their mission. Our vision is to help 100 women each year accomplish their goals.

What were you doing before you started Girl Get That Money?

I was the Chief Operations Officer for C.E. Hutton, a minority-owned business development and management firm in the cannabis industry. I ran the daily operations, sales department and capital raise support.

How did that influence what you do?

Well, it taught me discipline and how to refine my goals. When we would turn down potential clients, it really affected me. This made me want to do more to help those who were underserved.

How did you learn the skills to start and run a successful business?

I had business coaching and mentors who helped me navigate my way through entrepreneurship. I still do have mentors and business coaches.

What factors have contributed towards your path of success?

Commitment, Persistence and Dedication.

Did you ever expect a career in the cannabis space?

Never in a million years! It wasn’t until Colorado legalized cannabis for adult use that my antenna went up. I understood “timing and positioning” and I knew if they passed that law to have adult or recreational use, it would change the direction of the industry. So I took the leap!

Were your family and friends supportive of your venture?

The only support I ever really cared about was from my children. I have four sons and they completely support me in everything that I do and I appreciate them for it.

What has your personal experience with cannabis been?

I have been a cannabis consumer for over 38 years. Cannabis helps me with anxiety and pain.

Did you ever feel like you weren’t taken seriously because you are a woman?

Absolutely! I’ve been looked over by men in the investment sector of the industry but it doesn’t bother me. It fuels my fire and makes me stronger.

How/do you think your involvement in this industry is going to positively impact your community? 

Re-educating the communities most affected by the War on Drugs is my primary goal. As the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee of the NCIA and Advisory Board Member of The Color of Cannabis (CO), it is my vision to help make sure that our industry is inclusive and equitable for all, especially communities of color.

What has been your greatest obstacle in this industry to date and how have you overcome it?

Well, I started in the industry in 2014 by way of the Colorado marketplace. I began investing in a variety of cannabis related companies. By 2016, I found myself going through a divorce and dismantling my entire team. I lost everything. I gave myself 24-hours to grieve and then I created a new plan of action and got busy. I recouped everything I lost, times 10….and I’ve been looking toward the future ever since. Bottomline, I didn’t give up! 

What’s the biggest change you want to see in the cannabis industry?

I would like to see banks open their doors to the industry, offer loans and other tools to help cannabis companies in this process of growth.

Now that cannabis is legal, what excites you most and what worries you the most?

What excites me most is FREEDOM of Choice. Adults can now say what works best for their bodies. People can have TRUE alternatives and define what works best in their health and wellness. What worries me the most is having new entrepreneurs enter the industry unprepared.

As a woman of color, what challenges did you encounter (if any) building your business in a male-dominated industry and how do you plan to create change and inclusiveness for future WOC joining the industry?

Not being taken seriously, rebuilding a new team and sometimes pivoting was challenging too. By collaborating with them versus competing. Offering a hand up and not a hand out. Sharing the crown and the stage with them.

What would be your best piece of advice for fellow women looking to pursue the cannabis industry?

Find your tribe. Like Minded women who are willing to empower and up build you. Remember, Girls Compete and Women Empower! Establish meaningful relationships, nurture and protect them.

What would you consider to be the most effective way or initial steps of breaking down barriers and ceilings to pave this path for women in the industry?

Being the example and offering tools and resources that are of benefit. 

There’s still a perception or stigma attached to the people involved in the cannabis industry or just consumers that partake in recreational or medical use, as being stoners- if you have encountered this kind of close minded perspective, what would your argument be to shift the conversation to one of the importance of the weed market and why it should be celebrated/normalized?

I always meet people where they are and work toward educating them versus arguing with them. Education is the key. Education, education, education. 

Do you have any suggestions on how we can help normalize cannabis?

We must education the next generation and dispel the reefer madness syndrome. 

Where can we reach you? (IG/ Twitter handle and or email).

@girlgetthatmoney on IG and @grlgetthatmoney on Twitter

Name 4 of your favorite women in weed that you’d like to give a shout out too. What do they do and where can we reach them?

Dr. Bridget Williams, MD of Green Harvest Health and Green Harvest Health CBD ( and;

Antoinette Wade of Gratitude Blossom CBD (;

Margeaux Bruner, Public Affairs Specialist at Perpetual Harvest Sustainable Solutions (@perpetualharvestsustainablesolutions)

Antuanette Gomez is the CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a Toronto-based cannabis brand that focuses on women’s sexual health (

Key Takeaways from Khadijah Adams:

  • Education is the key. Education, education, education.
  • Find your tribe. Like Minded women who are willing to empower and up build you.
  • Remember, Girls Compete and Women Empower!
  • Establish meaningful relationships, nurture and protect them.
  • Commitment, Persistence and Dedication.

Huge shout out and big thank you to Khadijah Adams of Girl Get That Money for taking the time to chat about her experiences as a female entrepreneur and executive in a male dominated industry, for giving us great advice and tips on how to be successful in the weed world and for shouting out other dope Weed Queens!

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