Weed Queen, Bluntina Aguilera

Huge shout out and big thank you to Bluntina Aguilera for taking the time to chat about her experiences as a female entrepreneur and executive in a male dominated industry, for giving us great advice and tips on how to be successful in the weed world and for shouting out other dope Weed Queens!

 Lisa Weir Co-Founder of Ally

Lisa Weir is the Co-Founder of Ally. Ally is a forward-thinking company with a focus on responsible consumption. Our inaugural product is a stylish lockable storage container that is multi-purpose, food-grade, and allows you to securely keep goods away from unintended users. It was created as a solution for parents who need a safe storage space for their indulgences, which are often disguised as innocent treats. As moms, we wanted people to have a way to consume responsibly in their own homes, without sacrificing convenience or aesthetic.

Check out our interview below, where Lisa Weir talks about how she started her business, her entrepreneurial journey in an industry dominated by men and shares some really helpful advice on how to jump into the cannabis industry.